Why did tumblr ban

why did tumblr ban

why did tumblr ban

Ban the nazis, TERFs and SWERFs. Ban the transphobes, the homophobes, the racists. DON’T ban sex workers, “female presenting nipples” and anything NSFW then say you’re working to make Tumblr a more “positive” site. What’s positive about censoring women’s bodies, indirectly labeling sex as a negative thing and putting sex workers ...

Find and follow posts tagged ich bin cool on Tumblr. Log in Sign up. poesietanz. #mein text #mein bild #ich bin cool #cooler than black #lol #me #uploads. 399 notes. krvptonitt . يؤذي شخص ما، شخص ما يشفى. Somebody hurts, somebody heals. #somebody hurts #somebody heals #Alban skenderaj #ich bin cool #wegen #arabischer Schrift #google übersetzer #ohmaaan hahah. 318 notes ...

Find and follow posts tagged frauenlauf on Tumblr. Log in Sign up. adjemerci. #running #bern #women's running #frauenlauf #friends #sports clothes. 19 notes. magpie-allosaurus. #Frauenlauf #Frauenlauf 2017 #vienna #running #5km. 5 notes. 101005. participating at the Swiss Women’s Run in Bern tomorrow! So excited since it’s my first official run. Wish me luck guys! #swisswomensrun # ...

And the incident did not happen because the train driver forgot to stop at a station, something that is not unheard of. The spokesman said that scheduled repairs on the high-speed line were completed ahead of time, so the train that was planned to take a slower deviation could actually use the high-speed line. As a measure to increase customer satisfaction, Deutsche Bahn allowed travellers to ...

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Why did the 14-year-old football prodigy Thierno Ballo transfer from Bayer Leverkusen to the amateur club Viktoria Köln? He was apparently parked there as part of a contract with FC Chelsea.

Openly Nazi symbols such as the swastika are banned in Germany, so neo-Nazis get around the law by using coded combinations of letter and numbers such as 14 and 88. A new book explains the meaning ...

Gabriele Köpp was repeatedly raped by Russian soldiers in 1945, when she was just 15. Now, at the age of 80, she has become the first German woman to write a book under her own name about the ...

Deutsch lernen mit aktuellen Tagesnachrichten und Hintergrundberichten: Langsam & verständlich gesprochene Audios und Videos - ideal für Fortgeschrittene.

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