When he only wants sex

when he only wants sex

when he only wants sex

 · My hubby only wans sex during weekends..when I ask him why not during the week he says he likes to chill! Whats that about?? We tend to sit with the whole family to watch tv till 10pm-10.30pm (we live with my in-laws) and then we head up to bed, but he never wants to.. Do you think it's cos I dont shave my armpits regularly/trim down there?

 · I met this guy and he's 19 and in college and we've been friends for about 6 months. He's made it clear that he only wants sex and isn't interested in a relationship because he's in college. I want sex and to fool around with him too but I would definitely be open to the idea of being his girlfriend if he was intereseted. I told my old sister about him and she called him a douchebag.

 · For the first time after his poisoning, Russian opposition leader Alexei Navalny discusses his near-death experience, Putin's alleged responsibility and Merkel's visit with him in the hospital.

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