My boyfriend doesn t want to have sex

my boyfriend doesn t want to have sex

my boyfriend doesn t want to have sex

 · My boyfriend doesn't want to have sex? Im dating this guy who is 17 (im 15, 16 in 4 months), even though the legal age to have sex here is 16, he said he wont do it with me until im 16, Im still a virgin, so he said he will wait. We have been dating for a year and a half now, we have done other stuff but he has always stopped me if i wanted to go further.

 · I've been with my boyfriend for about a year now. After six months of pursuing me I finally agreed to go out with him. We've been living together now for about six months and we have sex once a week like clock work. He's 10 years older than me. Do you think it is that or is he really not into me. He treats me wonderful except for that when I talk to him about it he just says when we do it it ...

 · i've been with my boyfriend for 9 months and we have sex frequently, but hes alwwaaays wanting it like twice a day and i'm just like "uhhh im tired right now." or something when he asks cause literally my body can't take it. i'm still not used to it and it hurts a lot, we already do it like every other day or so, and idk it just dont feel like doing it so much!

You can either wait until he’s ready or end the relationship. Sex is not something you should expect to compromise about. If you pressure him to do it before he wants to, resentment is the least of your worries from then on. Be honest with yoursel...

 · i'm thinking about it but i'm in my late teens should i wait till 20 or something we have been going out for 1 year

Have you talked to your boyfriend about sex? no way- why would we talk about sex when we don't need to? we've only talked about some things- like whether we're virgins, etc. yea, we've talked at least once about everything concerning sex, pregnancy, and birth-control. No, but I definitely plan on bringing it up before we have sex : Question 2: Do you love your boyfriend? with everything in me ...

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