Is dating a coworker a good idea

is dating a coworker a good idea

is dating a coworker a good idea

 · I have been out of a relationship for about 3 months (broke up with long time boyfriend). The first guy I like since then is a co-worker. He asked me out and I really like him. Should I go out with him? I've never dated a co-worker and I am a bit hesitant.

 · we have been friend for about 6 months. We have gone out alot as friends while I was dating someone else. We did have too much to drink one night and fooled around. oral. I like him, but don't think the sex will be all that great. I know I could date him in a second, but I also know that he has slept around and had alot of one nighters.

 · I am interested to know if you would consider dating a co-worker if * both of you were single * noone of you had children * the company was okay with it If yes, would you behave in any different way than you usually do? Thanks a lot!

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