Husband doesn t want sex anymore

husband doesn t want sex anymore

husband doesn t want sex anymore

There isn't one answer to what it means if your husband doesn't want sex anymore. It's important to figure out which of the above reasons apply to him. The tendency may be to think the worst: "He isn't attracted to me," "He doesn't love me anymore," or "He must be cheating." While any of those could be true, there are other explanations that aren't so dire. Sexual challenges are normal. We don ...

'After 20 years, I don’t want to have sex with my husband – but I do it anyway': Woman, 47, who is perimenopausal, reveals she would rather have a cup of hot chocolate than physical intimacy

 · I don't know y he doesn't want to do it. is he tired? a man must be extreemly tired to refuse sex from his wife. maybe he's under enormous stress these days. ask him why he doesn't want …

 · My boyfriend and I have been dating for 6 months now and are quite serious about each other. I love sex and want it almost everyday, and he would give it to me. However, recently he told me that he feels alot of pressure to have sex with me each time we see each other and doesnt like the "expectations" and sometimes he feels so pressured that he cant even enjoy it properly.

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